find overloaded operators


I'm developing a C# application. In it, there is an object with overridden "¨==" and "!=" operators.
Now, the overloaded code changed. Can I find all places where these operators are being used in my code with ReSharper?
Note: I stumbled over your product during my search about this problem. No license yet.
It would be great if someone can check It out, I don't like to clutter my dev machine with temporary installs.

In visual Studio, in the code below, I can right click on "!=" and select "Find all References" but it yields to nothing.


/// <summary>
/// Returns false if its operands are equal, true otherwise.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="myAddr1">An expression</param>
/// <param name="myAddr2">An expression</param>
/// <returns>Returns false if its operands are equal, true otherwise.</returns>
public static bool operator !=(MyAddress myAddr1, MyAddress myAddr2)
return !(myAddr1 == myAddr2);

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