Odd Analysis Display

Using the ReSharper on VS2012 U2 on Win8.  I have noticed that every solution I open and every file in that solution that I open exhibit some odd display graphics for the analysis.  The solution wide analysis glyph will display as though it is currently analyzing but in fact it is frozen and will stay in that state indefinitely.  If I open the Errors in Solution window, the same glyhp there is accurate.

When I open individual files the right hand gutter also shows a state indicating it is currently analyzing, but it is frozen.  It will show no warnings or  errors as green, yellow, or red ticks marks down the bar.  I have noticed that if I open a file and observe this behavior I can close the file and reopen and it will appear to work.  However, it is not "live" in that I can type obvious errors and the gutter bar does not update to indicate this.  I must close and reopen the file twice more before the error is shown.

I have tried to reinstall and repair ReSharper but it did not help.  I have used resharper on many different machines and have never observed this behavior so I'm inclined to think there is something else installed or going on here - I just have no idea where to begin looking for a solution.

Again, the Errors in Solution window works perfectly and in real time.  I have tried changing the VS themes thinking they might conflict, but no help.

Anny help getting this working again would be greatly appreciated.


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