Resharper keyboard shortcuts overriding Visual studio shortcuts

I have VS 2012 (uodate 2) and Reshaper 7.1.3 and I prefer VS shortcuts but resharper for some reason and even though I have selected for resharper keyboard scheme: None.My command for Go to Implementation is Ctrl + Shift + B, i was expecting this as F12. I'm sure this was working before, but noticed it's not anymore.#Any ideas?
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Hi Ruban,

This behavior might occur from time to time on several environments, and we've made some fixes for applying keyboard shortcuts in ReSharper 8. You're welcome to try out ReSharper 8 EAP from here to see if it helps:
You don't need a valid version 8 License Key to use it, by the way:

Also, you may remap any shortcuts manually in Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard' dialog if any issues/conflicts.


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