HowTo make some settings in ReSharper


I used JustCode before. Now I go to ReSharper 8 and got some questions for using it with C#:

In JustCode I could use a setting: "Replace 'var' by explicit type declaration"
In ReSharper I constantly get var's, which I do not want. How could I tell ReSharper to use an explicit type in auto generated code, and to warn if a var is found?

I know that some people want var for refactoring, but...
Take code like the following:

public static class Test
          public static double GetWeight()
               return 10.0;
          public static double GetVolume()
               return 20.0;
          static void Main(string[] args)
               var volume = Test.GetVolume();
               var weight = Test.GetWeight();
               if (volume > 0) {
                    var density = weight / volume;

With a review of "SomeOtherClass" you cannot tell that the comparision to zero is not good for double. (for reviews often a text with beamer is used..) If somebody refactors the Test class to use int, you will get a zero density. So if you want to do something with a density >0, you will for a long time not see any error at all. The changer might not know the classes which are using his code. The other classes will neither get a compile time error or anything else, just some input values will no longer produce the correct output. (and this is a simple example, problems could be more hidden). Therefore I want to avoid var's at all cost. Is it possible? (I only find to turn of 'use var' in inspection severity)

The second question is: How to turn off that it wants to create Autoproperties instead of properties?

Is it possible to tell Resharper how brackets should be shown:
I want:

if() { oneline;}

How could i tell it to resharper?

And how could i tell to it to use as many "this." as possible instead of warning about redunfdant this.?

Best regards

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