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I am wondering about the upgrade terms for ReSharper 8, and hope you can help me understand this. I purchased a license to ReSharper 7 the end of last April thinking that version 8 would be available within the upgrade period. I certainly would not have made the purchase then otherwise. But now it seems that only those who have purchased on or after June 1 qualify to upgrade without charge.

What does this mean in the licensing terms:

All generally available upgrades to Software will be free of charge to Licensee during the initial one (1) year period after purchase of Software.

I will be very disappointed after licensing ReSharper less than three months ago, if I cannot upgrade to the version I wanted in the first place.


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We purchased v7 in February, and have confirmed that we don't qualify for any reduction in the upgrade price for v8, which is annoying.

Where did you find the licensing terms you've quoted? It sounds like it's referring to the new "1 year upgrade subscription", which wasn't available when we bought v7.

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It wasn't easy to find the license applicable to version 7, but I was able to find a copy here:

It says concerning upgrades:

Licensor will provide Licensee with generally available Upgrades pursuant to upgrade terms published on Licensor's web site at If Licensee obtains a new License Key for Upgrade, License shall destroy a License Key obtained for the previous version of Software and cease using such version.

That wording may have let me to think that it applied to any "generally available Upgrades," but that's not what was on JetBrain's site at the time. It clearly said that it included only minor versions.

I made the purchase at the end of April. If I had waited 40 day's my purchase would have qualified for the upgrade to v8, so I am disappointed too. But the loss is small. If I had waited until now, the charge would have been close to $200 for the license. My original cost was about $130. The upgrade is about $120. It irks me a little to have to come up with another chunk of money so soon after after the original purchase to stay current, but the cost is only $50 more than the full license now.

Was it worth $50 to have the use of R# 7 for a couple months? Not to me personally. If I had known this was coming, I would have held off a while. I had another refactoring tool that was working well enough, it would not have been difficult. Renewal for that license is coming up in September. The price of R# was a little less, so that's one reason I decided to switch. But now that both are priced about the same, I may have to reassess.

I appreciate yoru comments. Thanks.

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Yes you got the short end of the stick by JetBrains.

JetBrains, like other software distributers, HAVE to move to a yearly subscription model. Today software development tool customers expect this type of licensing agreement. A tool like Resharper becomes a tool that is essential for their job. Customers expect continuous updates either monthly or quarterly at a price that can be predicted over time.

The major/minor version licensing model does not work as it will alienate a large number of customers who buy within a year prior to the major update. These customers then have to go and explain to their employers or bosses why JetBrains is now demanding more money for a tool they JUST purchased.

All development tools including Visual Studio are likely to move to this subscription model. It would be best for JetBrains to recognize the need to do the same as early as possible.


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