Parameterized project name in multifile templates

Hello there,I am actually testing the multifile template functionality of R# 8. And now I stumbled over something and I am not quite sure if it's my fault or maybe a missing feature.My goal is to create a domainobject $CLASS$ and from this domainobject let it create an interface I$CLASS$Repository and a class I$CLASS$Repository. At this moment if I create these 3 files within a single project everything works as expected. But unfortunately I have to place the IRepository interface into a project called "CompanyName.[SolutionName].DataContracts" and the IRepository implementation into a project call "CompanyName.[SolutionName].Data". CompanyName and DataContracts (respectively Data) are static and dont need to be parameterized. However, the name of the solution has to be selected from a macro ("Current solution name").This is my domain model template:namespace CompanyName.$SolutionName$.DomainModel{ public class $CLASS$  {  $END$ }}This is my IRepository template:namespace CompanyName.$BaseProjectName$.DataContracts{ public interface I$CLASS$Repository {  $END$ }}I can choose a parameter for the file name of the repository ("I$NAME$Repository.cs") but I can't parameterize the project name ("CompanyName.$BaseProjectName$.DataContracts") as it seems like that $BaseProjectName is not being evaluated in project names. I came to this conclusion because $CLASS$ is not working as parameter in the filename either... it has to be $NAME$.Now my questions are: How can I parameterize the project name? What kind of parameters may I use at all? It would be decent if we could use the multifile template as a small scaffolding engine :)Cheers,Grenzer
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Double post... please ignore *apologies*

Please refer to this post: Multifile template problem when creating across projects


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