‘Hammer’ button

I like the ‘hammer’ button R# shows to the left of the code, but I don't like its apperance:
Action menu button 1.png
The button occupies the whole line, so it becomes unconvenient to edit the code under it. Even when the line has a indent, the button prevents comfortable drag&drop. Sometimes I have to pixel-hunt when I want to drop a text fragment to the beginning of the line.

On the other hand both VisualStudio and R# use a very convenient tiny action buttons located just below the line:
Action menu button 2.png
Is it possible to replace the ‘hammer’ button with the ‘underline’ button in R#?
If this is not possibe in the current version, is this feature going to appear in the future?

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Hello Onixar,

We are aware of this, but currently this kind of a position change is not possible.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Thank you very much for fixing this in Resharper 8!


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