Alt+Enter QuickMenue not showing up in VS 2013 RC


I've installed Visual Studio 2013 RC and the newest Licenced Resharper Version. And when I try to use the "Alt+Enter" shortcut combination then nothing happens like in VS 2012 ther everything works fine with newest Resharper Version.

I've allready reinstalled Resharper, reseted Vs Settings, reseted Vs Shortcuts but nothing helps its not working.

someone got an Idea how to solve the Problem?

thx much

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Hello Johannes,

We've been reported about this behavior:

We would appreciate if you could:
1. Tell us detailed info on R# installation: was this a clean install/upgrade? If it was an upgrade, which R# version was the previous one?
2. We would also appreciate the logs of:
- ReSharper installer: 'msiexec /i ReSharperSetup<VERSION>.msi /lv C:\resharper_install.txt'.
- ReSharper Log when applying keyboard shortcut scheme (run VS with this command line and try to aply shortcuts): 'devenv /ReSharper.LogFile C:\resharper_log.txt /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose'
- VS log: run VS with the following line: devenv.exe /log C:\vs_log.txt and try to apply R# keyboard shortcuts once again.

Please attach all the information here, or to this YouTrack issue (preferrable, 'cause in this case the info will go to the developer straight away without delays):

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance!

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thx for the answer,

I've added my logs to the issue you have linked.

I hope the problem is solved soon because can't use the 2013RC atm :-/

thx much


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