Old shortcuts not working

I have installed resharper about a week back (trial version) for visual studio 2010 ultimate.  After configuring some keys, I realized I was no longer able to use visual studio's default refactor shortcut key (F2).  Pressing it whilst on a variable to refactor it effectively did nothing.  I checked under Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard.  I noted that the F2 shortcut was only occupied by visual studio (Refactor.Rename (Text Editor) and that there were no references to Resharper.xxx.  Still I was not able to use it.  As I ran out of time to figure this out, I uninstalled resharper.

I have now reinstalled it not only to be faced by the same problem with the F2 command but as of now resharper does not prompt me anymore for first time shortcut usage (example Ctrl + T).  

What should I do?  How I can I get everything to work, (reshaper re-prompting me for shortcut keys) whilst preserving the F2 shortcut?

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