Synchronizing settings across diffenrent machines

Hi,I'm having trouble to get R#'s settings synchronized. I usually save changes to the team-shared ...sln.DotSettings file (under source control). But some changes got (unintended) saved to the personal ...sln.DotSettings.user file. When I try to copy the settings from the personal to the team-shared file - nothing happens.Example:The team-shared file contains<s:Boolean x:Key="/Default/CodeStyle/CodeFormatting/CSharpFormat/ALIGN_MULTILINE_ARRAY_AND_OBJECT_INITIALIZER/@EntryValue">True</s:Boolean>and the the personal file contains<s:Boolean x:Key="/Default/CodeStyle/CodeFormatting/CSharpFormat/ALIGN_MULTILINE_ARRAY_AND_OBJECT_INITIALIZER/@EntryValue">False</s:Boolean>The latter is the setting I want. But no matter whether I try to copy the settings via "Manage / Copy settings to" or to update them via ex-/import, the team shared file remains the same (actually nothing happens: no time stamp changing, no checking-out, ...). Consequently the "False"-value is only applied on the machine where the personal settings reside and is not transported to the other team members machines.Can anybody explain, what I'm missing.Thanks in advanceJürgenNB: R# 8.0.2 C#; VS2010 SP1

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