VS2012 frozen after Update 4

Hi everyone,

I just updated VS2012 with Update 4 and after that, everytime I opened a project in VS, VS simply froze (only after I open a project the problem occurs).

Since I was using R# 8 EAP ( I thought "well, maybe it's something in R#. I uninstalled it, and voilá, VS2012 was working ok again. But since I'm already addicted to R# I wanted to have it with a working version of it... I tried to install v8.0 final and it is working.

I'm on Win8 Pro x64 if that might help.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?


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Sorry for the bump but I have tried with the Beta version and it continues to have the same problem.

Has anyone encountered the same situation?

If I install the final 8.0.2 version, VS2012 with Update4 works normally.



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