VS 2013 (or 2010) and R# Excruciatingly slow, slow sloooowwwww

I am a fast typist (120wpm), but the only software I've ever used, going as far back as 1984, that can't keep up with my typing is VS2013 (and 2010) with ReSharper (6, 7, 8).

I am so sick of all the great NEW features with a sacrifice of speed.
I am sick of waiting literally 10 seconds for the cursor to appear, or the Refactor Popup, or any R# feature
I am sick of my CPU going to 60% while editing a document
I am sick of VS taking 1.5GB of RAM when R# is loaded

I have upgrade my computer to something new, lots of RAM, fast CPUs, bla, bla, bla, and it's still unbearable!

I Love R# and I hate R#.

I am totally addicted to it, and can't live without it, but I hate it all the same.

Please, please, please....
Stop adding more features and produce a release that just
1) Stops the memory leaks (Don't you have a memory trace tool yourself... try using it!)
2) Improves performance.

Here's one suggestion:
Allow us to turn off R# for a specified Project within the solution.
I have a very large solution with 10+ projects, (hundreds of classes, thousands of methods) but I spend 90% of my time in 2 or 3 projects only.
If R# were turned "off" for the other 8 projects, it would probably be bearable, and not hog so much ram.

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Did you try to skip these projects? go to Options > Code Inspection > Settings > "Edit Items to Skip" and add the folders to skip the code analysis.

Hopefully this will work for you. :)


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