Code Inspection on individual *.cs files

Hi all,
We are looking at doing a big code cleanup over our source code using resharper, and then put some rules in place to ensure all our code stays clean.
I noticed that with Resharper 8 comes Jet Brains Command Line which offers a way to inspect code via command line; we see this as a great thing to leverage in our continuous integration environment as a way to scan check-ins and alert developers if they violate any rules. However I see that tool only supports inspection at the Solution\Project level i.e. load up a Solution and run over all Projects inside (or explicitly exclude projects).
Does anyone know if there is a way to inspect our code at a file level, i.e if a Developer checks in 3 .cs files you could call the tool to scan only those 3 files using our DotSettings file?
If anyone could shed some light on how we could achieve this it would be much appreciated.

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