Can't Type in Editor When ReSharper is enabled

Using VS 2013:

Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013
Version 12.0.21005.1 REL
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.5.50938

Installed Version: Premium

JetBrains ReSharper 8.1   build on 2013-12-12T08:30:52 [Not Loaded]
JetBrains ReSharper 8.1 package for Microsoft Visual Studio. For more information about ReSharper, visit Copyright © 2003–2014 JetBrains, Inc.


I have had an ongoing problem for a few days where I cannot type in the editor if ReSharper is enabled.  I can use the arrow keys to move the carat and so forth, but can't change the document.  I uninstalled resharper and repaired VS and then reinstalled Resharper and it worked for awhile, but after closing and opening VS again, it's broken again.  Anyone else having this problem?  Any idea how I might fix it?

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Is this issue resolved for you ?

I needed to know your response as I am experiencing the same after activating with a new key the resharper 8.1 trial license.


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