spaces inside attribute constructor parentheses

I have configured the formatting style spaces so that I have spaces inside the parentheses of a method declaration with arguments, but no spaces inside the parentheses of a method call with arguments, like so:

     void methodDeclaration( string arg )      {           methodCall(arg);      }

This works fine, but apparently ReSharper styles an attribute constructor as a method declaration, not a call, like:

     [MyAttribute( "arg" )]     // notices the spaces before and after "arg"      void methodDeclaration( string arg )      {           methodCall(arg);      }

What I want is this:

     [MyAttribute("arg")]     // no spaces      void methodDeclaration( string arg )      {           methodCall(arg);      }

Am I missing a setting somewhere? is it a bug?
I know this is dumb, but it's bugging me! I noticed it in R# 7 and I was hoping it got fixed in R# 8.1 but nope, still here.
Now I'd like to fix this once and for all! I might even be ready to make a plugin or whatever if that's even possible, it would be a good excuse to try out ReSharper's extensibility.

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