DotSettings not created for all projects in solution

I have a C# Unity project, and I'm using UnityVS for Visual Studio integration.

The following files were generated by UnityVS:




I believe ReSharper 8.1 created DotSettings files for the solution and one of the projects:



The projects share a directory structure on disk, which means that a folder in the first project points to the same filesystem location as a folder of the same name in the second project. While in Visual Studio, when I view the properties of a folder under either project, and set the "Namespace Provider" to false, the same project DotSettings file is updated.  For example, I have an Assets folder that I do not wish to include in the namespace. In both projects, I can view the properties of the Assets folder and see that the "Namespace Provider" setting is false. I can also change the value from either project, and see the "UnityVS.EoR.sln.DotSettings" file get updated. Should there be two seperate DotSettings files, one for each project?

I'm not sure if this is related to the two projects sharing the same DotSettings file, but I have noticed that when I attempt to move a class declaration in the EDITOR project to the appropriate namespace using ReSharper, the Assets folder is included in the namespace path. This does not occur with the non-EDITOR project. How can I configure ReSharper to also apply the modified "Namespace Provider" setting to the EDITOR project so that the Assets folder is skipped?

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