I'd like to start a discussion on turning off moderator-approval for discussions

I've had this happen 3 times now, where I've tried to submit a constructive discussion here and they don't get approved.  Since they don't get approved, they don't show up in my history so I can't get to the original text.  In all cases, I tend to spend 15-30 minutes wording them to be informative and helpful to others only to have the content eaten because I didn't archive it off somewhere.

I understand a desire to keep spam and trash out of here, but these discussion boards feel nowhere near as active as they should considering how many people use ReSharper and what a great tool it is.  I've got to say, I'm severely discouraged to the point that I can't see myself coming back here to try and discuss things and I'm sure I'm not alone.

If you want to build a community and you insist on keeping the moderator-approval of posts (which I'd like to strongly encourage you to reconsider), you have to err on the side of allowing discussions instead of censoring them, or if you're going to reject a submission, at least have the courtesy to reply to the person with why it was rejected.


Hi Jon,

We apologize for the inconvenience.
I'm responsible for community and forums moderation and was on a vacation - that's why the moderation of new topics was delayed for several days. Sorry about that.
Now I'm back and am checking new threads at least once a day.

Also, we cannot turn off the moderation due to big amounts of spam here.

Sorry once again - we'll do our best to update the forums/threads faster. If you have any urgent issues, feel free to contact us as resharper-support.jetbrains.com.



fergard wrote:

I'm responsible for community and forums moderation and was on a vacation - that's why the moderation of new topics was delayed for several days.

It would probably be a good idea to have someone else cover that role when you're not around.


Hi Richard,

Sure. We'll make sure that this situation will not happen in the future.



Thanks for the reply and I can definitely appreciate the need to keep the spam out.  Also, the thought that someone was just on vacation occurred to me, I thought there were discussions approved after I had submitted mine but I could have ben mistaken there.  I won't fault anyone for taking some time off.

Like you said, getting some more coverage would be nice, and just as a follow up on the level of spam, I was thinking about it, and if I had the option of a moderated forum like this, or something like a google group that gets some spam, I'd prefer the google group. So I did a search and found that one already exists, with the person's explanation for why it exists matching mine pretty closely. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/resharper-users/9oa795P1ncg

I appreciate the effort you guys put in and understand some of the challenges of a smallish company managing a large community, but if you guys could discuss some ideas on how to improve this a bit, it would be appreciated.  a non-standard google group that nobody knows about or looks for isn't very helpful, but I think people expect internet discussion to be a little more rapid these days and are generally willing to accept and forgive some spam to get it.



I also have experience Jon's issue in posting disussions only to have them not approved.



Approximately how long does it take to have a new thread approved? I submitted a new thread a day or two ago, and haven't seen it appear yet. Like the OP said, the post doesn't appear under "my discussions", so I cannot even retrieve what I submitted. Are users notified if their threads are not approved?


We check the moderation queue about once a day every working day. The delay on your topic is all about local holidays we have here in Russia. Sorry about that.


Thanks for the update! I hadn't considered holidays.


If you establish a manual approvement in my opinion you should ensure that this is done every day even on local holidays. Also a one day delay may be not accepatble for some people (for me personally it's ok). My last question i posted in this forum  was not approved until i wrote a mail to the official R# support and it is not answered until now. I expect that the R# developers watch this forum on a regular base and answer questions of the users.  I'm a R# user since you released the tool and i must say that there where excited discussions between the developers and user in the past, but in the present such discussions became a rare case.

Best Regards


Hi Klaus,

Sure, we absolutely agree with you, however we're all humans and this kind of situation may happen.
Sorry for the inconveninece.

Thank you.


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