ReSharper Command Line Tools Temp Folder Spam


I'm not 100% sure about this issue yet that's why I'm posting it here rather than opening a bug ticket.

I noticed the free diskspace of the Server running our Sonar instance rapidly decreasing.
We're using a Jenkins, Sonar, Resharper Command Line Tools setup to do periodic static analysis.

Upon research i found several temp folders containing XML annotation files being created during a run of the said setup. (See screenshot)

Problem is each of those %temp%\nuget\<random name> folder is about 60MB big and there are multiple created during a run (we strapped all our projects together in a single VS solution to have a simple analysis setup).
For a single run there are around 250MB of those files dropped into the temp folder.

Problem is that the files are not cleaned up after execution and pile up quickly.

Can anyone confirm this issue?



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Hello James! I filed a new ticket to YouTrack for deeper investigation You are welcome to track its status.


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