Using Jetbrains.Annotations as source


I recently joined a project and wanted to start use Jetbrains.annotations.dll.
The team members did not want to add another .dll to the project so I followed the idea to include the source for these annotations in our common project.

However, when I compile, it turns out that our service project use both our common project AND a binary integration dll that also contains these annotations.
When I compile I get these errors:

Error 55 The type or namespace name 'NotNull' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) <Path to .cs file in Service Project>
Error 52 The type 'JetBrains.Annotations.NotNullAttribute' exists in both <Path to our common projects dll> and <Path to the binary integration dll we use in our service project>

What shall I do to resolve this?

I obviously can't reference the integration dll from all our projects, that just would not be appropiate.

Regards, Flow

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Hi Flow!

You can move annotations in source code in another namespace.
Don't forget to change ReSharper settings to allow detect them


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