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I'm struggling with the Resharper IntelliSense feature matching against what I would consider the wrong member.  I'm using the mocking library Moq and will consistently attempt to write code as "var mock = new Mock<Interface>()".  However, resharper consistently selects MockFactory as it's match, even after typing the full work "Mock".  This forces me to remember to escape out of the intellisense so that it doesn't replace my text.  I would expect that a full name match would supersede a partial name match?

I'm aware that I can disable pre-select and completion characters, but in general I like these features and would like to have them remain enabled for .cs files.  Are there any other settings to control this matching behavior?

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Hello Matt

  There is the same ticket in YouTrack http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-382920. You are welcome to comment and vote fro it.

  As a workaround, you may define a type of a variable explicitly, like "Mock<Interface> mock = new {caret here}", then ReSharper will suggest "Mock<Interface>()" as the first item in IntelliSense.

My apoloigies for the inconvenience.


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