Problem with searh and replace patterns

I've made the following search pattern

$param$ > $value1$ && $param$ < $value2$

and replace pattern

$param$.InRange($value1$, $value2$);

where param is of identifier type and  value1, value2 are of expression type.

This pattern should work with the statements like

if(someInt > 1 && someInt < 10) and replace them with someInt.InRange(1, 10).

It works correctly in this case and with similar constructions. But the problem occurs when we have more than one condition in if-section.

I mean the following situation:

if(someInt > 1 && someInt < 10 && anotherInt > 1 && anotherInt < 10).

Search pattern works correctly for this statement. It recognizes two parts of the condition (someInt > 1 && someInt < 10 and this anotherInt > 1 && anotherInt < 10).

While ReSharper suggests that I replace the first part of condition with someInt.InRange(1, 10) and the second one with anotherInt.InRange(1, 10).

 If I follow this suggestion and replace the first part via ReSharper  everything is alright and the final condition looks this way:

if(someInt.InRange(1, 10) && anotherInt > 1 && anotherInt < 10).

But if I replace the second part I lose the first one. I mean final condition looks this way:

if(anotherInt.InRange(1, 10)).

While I expect it to look the following way:

if(someInt > 1 && someInt < 10 && anotherInt.InRange(1, 10)).

I can’t also fix the problem when I put parentheses around each expression: I lose the first part in this case too :(

Could you please tell me what is wrong with my patterns?

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This looks like a bug, rather than anything wrong with the pattern. I've raised an issue for you to track and vote for:

Actually - quick idea, not expecting it to work - does the replace pattern end with a semi-colon? If so, remove that and see if it makes any difference.

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thank you for your answer. i've just tried to remove semicolon but nothing has changed


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