ReSharper usage statistics in an organization

Actually I've got several question related to the topic. In general the task is finding out patterns of how ReShaper is being used in a pretty large organization, and finding out if there is a room for improvement.

Please forgive me in advance if some answers are obvious - I tried hard and didn't find them in FAQs and wiki.

  1. Does ReSharper itself or license server provides a way to track ReSharper usage? By usage I mean some extended data like
    1. Client name/ip address
    2. Time of ticket aquisition
    3. Time of ticket release
    4. Visual Studio version
  2. Is that possible to track which of ReSharper functions are being used? (I assume that is something that ReSharper collects automatically - is that possible to access the data directly of via API?)
  3. Suspending ReSharper in Visual Studio would release floating license ticket, is that correct?
  4. Is that possible to programmatically (via its own or VisualStudio API) disable ReSharper?


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Hello Mikalai,

  1. License server logs (in the latest build 355, the default location is "logs//jetbrains-license-server directory") contain Windows User Name+machine name, time when the user obtains the ticket and releases it. Also a part of this log you may find on "Log" tab in License Server webface. So, you need to parse the log file to get needed information. However, there is no way to get Visual Studio version.
  2. Currently, there is no such ability. However, in ReSharper 9.x we are going to implement a new statistic machanism (a database will be stored locally on each machine).
  3. Yes, suspending ReSharper or closing Visual Studio will release floating license ticket.
  4. You may call ReSharper_ToggleSuspended action via VS API.


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