Using my own version of QUnit or Jasmine

I'm trying to set up our JavaScript unit tests to run in Resharper. It's not working well and it appears the reason is that the bundled version of QUnit is old. We're currently using QUnit 1.14.0 for development. In this article from over 3 years ago:

It says "Currently, ReSharper is bundling the latest available version of QUnit  (at the time of building). We will be adding support in upcoming  releases which will allow you to use your own version of QUnit.".

We're using Resharper 8.2.1 and that article is over 3 years old. Is there any way to use our own version of QUnit or Jasmine now?


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Hello Ryan

  ReSharper uses older QUnit version. As a workaround, please add qunit.js as a reference to file with tests and R# will use newer one. However, compatibility is not guaranteed.



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