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Often when I'm SHIFT+F12'ing (Find Usages) I'm already looking at a file that contains one, and many times, more than one usage of said token already.

When I glance over at the Find Usages results pane it's frustrating often to have to manually filter out (in my mind) which usages are the ones from the current file. Most often, im not interesyed in the ones from the current file, it's the other files I'm looking for.

I think it would be handy to be able to easily see visually which were the ones I can exclude. Perhaps the elements of the usages tree in the results pane, which match the currently open file, can be greyed out? You know, so they're less prominant. This way the cognitive load will be low to none. I'll quickly form a mental habit to exclude those lighter shaded items and I'll generally be more productuve I think.

I'd appreicate your thoughts.


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Hello Matt,

  I filed a new feature request to YouTrack - You are welcome to comment and vote for it.



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