vs2013 - "an error occurred loading this property page" when viewing Options->Text Editor->C#->Advanced


I have installed VS 2013 on three computers that I use at work. One of them has Resharper 8.2.2 build 8.2.2000.5102. In the instance that has resharper I cannot view the Tools->Options->Text Editor->C#->Advanced and Formatting->General. VS2013 displays the message: "An error occurred loading this property page". Now, I am not blaming Resharper but could it have something to do with it? I tried to suspend it, but I am getting the same message even when it's suspended.

Any ideas before I try to re-install resharper? The instances without resharper don't have this issue. Please note that I installed this version of Resharper on top of the old one (from what I've seen the setup uninstalls the previous version before it installs the new one.

I am using windows 7 64 bit.


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  We did not get similar reports before. So, could you please uninstall ReSharper and then check the issue once again?



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