New installer for .NET tools EAP don't work

I just tried to install EAP 4 of Resharper and .NET tools on my laptop at work. The laptop is just a year old, so the hardware is quite up to date. The only noteworthiness ist that a 32-bit Windows 7 is installed (due the policies of the company i work for). I can't run the exe because it's a 64-bit image only. But i can extract the content and start the installer Jetbrains.Platform.Installer.exe. If i use t "/ParticipateInEap=True" as Serge Baltic told me, i can install all the tools. But the installation fails for mostly all tools. The only tool which was installed properly was the DotMemory EAP. Resharper installation fails with an OutOfMemoryException and DotTrace EAP seems to be in a endless loop. After waitung half a hour i have killed the process in the process explorer because there was no reaction if i clicked on the windows. I had to remove some keys from the registry manually to be able to reinstall Resharper 8.

Overall, even for a EAP build it's a bad experience. I know that a 32-bit operating system is a bit old fashioned and not up to date but i would like it if you can enable installation on 32-bit systems in one of the next EAP's.

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