Find/Update all references to a specific assembly

This need has popped up several times now.  We have some very large solutions (many dozens of projects, pushing triple digits in one of them), and there will be a need to update a reference to a certain 3rd party assembly (or a 1st party assembly that isn't built by this particular solution).  Finding all such references in all those projects is bad enough... having to manually update each one is even more tedious and error-prone.

I've looked around, but I can't seem to find any ability... I'd like to be able to right-click on a reference in any project (say, a project references "Microsoft.QualityTools.Testing.Fakes", right-click on that), and get the option to "Find all projects that reference this assembly".  That would be a HUGE benefit by itself.

If I could then edit ALL those references ONCE (at the same time), for instance, to set the version, or to set the "Specific Version" proprty to "False"... that would be AMAZING.

So...1) does this ability exist already somewhere that I just can't find?, and 2) Can ReSharper consider adding this functionality?  Managing references in large solutions is pretty painful, and this would be a HUGE help.


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