Using "Search with Pattern..." to replace Type

I am wanting to replace all uses of a type in my code.  I thought ReSharper's "Search With Pattern" would make it easy to do the replace, but it is not seeming to work.

I add a new "Type Placeholder" with the the Type I want to replace and call it `placeholder`.  I set the search pattern to `$placeholder`, but I cannot click "Find" because "Pattern is ambiguous."

Am I going to have to use "Find Usages" and manually change all occurances?  Or is there something I am missing in "Search With Pattern"?

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I later realized that my pattern was wrong, I needed a terminating dollar sign, `$placeholder$`.

Once I did that I found a different error: "Pattern cannot consist of a single placeholder only"

This would seem to tell me that ReSharper cannot do what I am trying to do and I will need to create a feature request.

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I have created RSRP-429070 for this.


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