Please escalate "Go to declaration Ctrl-F12" for specific generic implementations

I filed a bug 8 months ago as "Go to declaration" does not work as needed for generic implementations.

Nothing happened so far, although I feel that it is important to address this bug asap.

Essentially, we would like to go to the declaration of an implementation of a generic interface. Here is an example from the bug description,

    public interface IMyQuery { }
    public class MyReader : IReader<IMyQuery, string>
        public string Query(IMyQuery query)
            return "foo";

Ctrl-F12 on a usage of this interface,
     private IReader<IMyQuery, string> _myReader;

will not navigate to the single implementation class MyReader, but rather will show me a list of hundreds of implementations of IReader.

"Go to declaration" is one of the most useful features of ReSharper, but I find It difficult to convince people to use ReSharper unless support for generic types is improved.

JetBrains, please look into this issue.


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Hello Brian,

  My apologies for the inconvenience.

  I assigned the ticket to the right person.


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I cannot see from the status of this bug that it has been fixed in R# 9.0?

Please confirm that you give this bug high priority!


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