Build Error when run Resharper InspectCode Command Line

i have a windows phone 8 application and i want to run resharper inspect code from command line. I have downloaded resharper command line tool from chocolatey, and installed it. But when i run the inspect code tool, there is an error like this : 'Building Windows Phone application using MSBuild 64bit is not supported'.
How to solve it? I have tried add /p:PlatformTarget=x86 and still error.
Thank you

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Try running InspectCode in a WoW6432 process. I guess it's running in native
64bit now.
If the executable is not constrained to 32bit, you might have to modify its
CLR flags (e.g. with CORFLAGS /32BIT+).
The problem seems to be that it loads MSBuild in-process, and it in turn
loads build tasks in-process, some of which are not available for 64bit.

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JetBrains, Inc —
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