Resharper 8.2 on a Terminal Server

Hey folks-

Quick question.  I'm currently working with a team where for the short term - we are logging into a Windows 2012R2 Server via Terminal Services (RDP) and running Visual Studio 2013.  I have a resharper key but I want to use it on this Terminal Server.

If I install Resharper on that Server, can I get it to just run with my license information for just me?  is it smart enough to ask for a license key and use it for my profile only?  If others on the team have a license, can they use it wwith theirs?


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License information in R# 8.2 and below is per-user, be it a local machine
or a terminal server.
With R# 9.0+, even the R# installation itself is per-user, so it's completely
isolated now.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
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