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I am struggling to set up colour schemes on my new PC installation.

I have installed VS 2013 pro & R# 9. I have gone into VS options Colours & Fonts and set up say "Resharper Method Identifier" to Color = Maroon

I now see in the editor for

List<Material> materials = manager.Materials.MaterialListByProcess(processID).ToList();

ie the List is light blue , I am not sure where that is set , but the rest is default Black I would expect the MaterialListByProcess text to be Maroon , am I right

I have had Visual Assist X running as well ,and the coloration here is perfect and as specified. However this is now disabled and the IDE restarted.

But still no colours...

Any Suggestions


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Try enabling "Colour Identifiers" in ReSharper -> Options -> Inspections.

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Thanks Matt

There are so many tick boxes in them Options .....

All back to normal.



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