File layout in 9.1 has problems with methods and fields

resharper 9.x made breaking changes to file layout scripts which worked in previous releases.

1) Old scripts were not ported.
2) Methods with certain contents no longer get recognized as methods (or anything else). Examples:

 private IEnumerable<string> GetRows(string text)
 var lines = text.Split('\n');
 // ReSharper disable once LoopCanBeConvertedToQuery
 foreach (var line in lines)
 yield return line;

Remove the  // ReSharper disable once LoopCanBeConvertedToQuery and then it is recognized.

3) Fields never match a name criteria. For example, create a "private int XXX;" and then create a group for things named XXX. Methods with that name will be included. Fields never seem to match a name.

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Hello John,

  Please try installing ReSharper 9.1 EAP

  As for converting old layout, please refer to



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