Can't start ReSharper9 on VS2010

I can't start ReSharper9 on VS2010 Professional.

Activity log shows DLL loading error.

150 ERROR           C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\JetBrains\Installations\ReSharperPlatformVs10\JetBrains.Platform.VisualStudio.SinceVs12.dll
161 ERROR           C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\JetBrains\Installations\ReSharperPlatformVs10\JetBrains.PsiFeatures.VisualStudio.JustVs12.dll

So, I commented out the line including "JetBrains.Platform.VisualStudio.SinceVs12.dll" and "JetBrains.PsiFeathres.VisualStudio.JustVs12.dll"
on "extention.vsixmanifest" file at

But it's still has error.

234 ERROR CreateInstance failed for package  [JetBrains.ReSharperPlatformVs10.Product.VisualStudio.v10.0.Package,  Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1010a0d8d6380325] {0C6E6407-13FC-4878-869A-C8B4016C57FE} 80131604 VisualStudio 2014/12/05 07:05:11.771
235 ERROR End package load  [JetBrains.ReSharperPlatformVs10.Product.VisualStudio.v10.0.Package,  Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1010a0d8d6380325] {0C6E6407-13FC-4878-869A-C8B4016C57FE} 80004005 - E_FAIL VisualStudio

How can I start ReSharper9 on VS2010.



Thank you for contacting us.

Similar issue is reported to YouTrack -
You are welcome to comment or vote for it.

Thank you.


To Angelina

Thank you for the reply.
The YouTrack you presented is the same problem.
I will wait for this problem to be fixed.

Thank you very much.

Permanently deleted user


Have there been any updates to the situation?

There in YouTrack I've had a guess of what might have happened to that VS10
(stale JB entries in the devenv.exe.config file). R# v<9 installer normally
adds them, but sometimes they won't get removed on uninstall, which would
totally prevent R# >9 from running.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”


Thanks for the reply.
I asked the support at "JetBrains ReSharper Support" page and this was solved.

There was a JetBrains ReSharper 8.2 entry under  
on devenv.exe.config file.

When I deleted all the "JetBrains ReSharper 8.2" entry and started VS2010, ReSharper 9.0 started.

Thank you very much for the support.

Permanently deleted user


Okay, good to know it worked.

I've returned here from the issue tracker request, it's still been open,
'dlike to close it now — though I don't know why R#8 uninstaller malfunctioned,
but at least the understanding of the situation is correct.
BTW newer VS versions won't have this problem because we were never writing
that devenv.exe.config for them.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
“Develop with pleasure!”


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