Suggestion - "remove unused X" should be deprioritised in context menus

I'm still on ReSharper 8.2 so forgive me if this has changed.

ReSharper is designed to assist developer productivity and so there are a lot of features based around the workflow of writing new code. Even ReSharper's video demonstrations show the general case of building up a code base using fast code insertions, automatic completions, on-the-fly refactoring and so forth. A common case, for example, is to write an interface, define some members, and then implement a class based on that interface. Another case might be to write a member function and then pull it up to its parent interface and so forth. These all generally revolve around writing some functionality that we'd like to expose, and then making use of it.

I'd like to suggest making the context actions "remove unused X" less important in the context menu as what usually ends up happening is that I create a method or other thing which I intend to make use of once it's written, and the first context action turns out to be "remove unused...". I think that ReSharper should assume a constructive workflow, as opposed to a cleanup workflow, as it is easy to get used to using fast shortcuts to such a degree that one accidentally chooses "remove" in the context menu before realising that the action was destructive.

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