"Namespaces that should not be removed" doesn't work

We have a convention in my team to always specify the full name of types under a specific namespace (Engine.).  

So I've added the namespace in Options > Code Editing > C# > Namespace Imports: "Namespaces that should not be removed".

But this does not work. The namespace is always removed by Resharper whenever I refactor or do auto-completion.

For example, if I type:

List<Engine.MyClass> t = new

Resharper will propose adding new List<MyClass>() and will remove the namespace everywhere in the file and replace it with a using;

Any ideas how to prevent resharper from doing this?

Anthony Brien

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That's not what the "namespaces that should not be removed" is for. The namespaces listed there are ones where the "using Namepsce;" directive will not be removed, even if it's not used.

There doesn't seem to be an option to do what you've described. It's something I'd like to see as well.

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That's really sad it does not work this way. A "remove using directive  and requalify usages" quickfix would be really nice.


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