Resharper 9.0.0 intellisense

Just wanted to let you guys I'm a big fan of Resharper but found myself getting irritated since the upgrade to the 9.x branch.

Intellisense does not show in most cases, pressing ctrl-alt-space has become 50% of my keystrokes since 9.x.
When it shows it is as slow as a sleepy turtle and brings up the strangest suggestions.
For example:
If I have a locally declared variable var file = new FileInfo(whatever);
and I type on the next line 'file', it brings up File (the class from System.IO), FileInfo. The 5th item is the actual variable.

There are several other changes in the 9.x branch which aren't really helping.

Last but not least: WIth Resharper 8.x I could reach my user code snippets using ctrl+J. While ctrl+J brings up something that looks like code snippets my own code snippets are missing.

I downgraded to 8.2.3 this afternoon and I find myself in a happy place again.

I hope my feedback will help to create a stable and intuitive interface back in 9.x branch before we upgrade to VS2015.

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Totally agree with the step back for Intellisense, however I have not (yet) abandoned 9.0 (and 9.1.1).

It also seems like it takes a couple of tries for local vriables to appear in the intellisense menu -- the first line after introducing the var will not know about it automatically if done quickly, so I have to ESC and then retype some text and the var will show up (somewhere) the second time.

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Are you able to reproduce mentioned issue about local variable in IntelliSense popup in a sample demo solution and attach it here? Since for me it is on the first place in popup (ReSharper 9.1.1).

As for Ctrl+J: there is the following ticket in YouTrack



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