Resharper should be smarter about line wrapping

Resharper really should be more intelligent for how it handles line wrapping. As it stands today, you set a number like 160 characters. It will cause a line to wrap even if it's 161 characters. There really should be some type of tolerance (perhaps configurable) that it will behave more like a person and not wrap the line.

Another place this is really important is lambda statements. Line wrapping should be far more tolerant to breaking lambdas across multiple lines when a user put them on 1 line to start with.

For regular wrapping i would expect the tolerance to be 3-5%, for lambda statements i might go as high as 25% tolerance.

When a lambda statement wraps, it usually contorts into all kinds of obtuse output because it's usually not going to wrap 1 line it will cause 4-6 lines to all wrap and flow in incredibly awkward manners.

This is probably the largest inconvienence to me in resharper. And no the answer isn't just increase the char length for wrapping. I want resharper to wrap long lines, but only when they clearly exceed the bounds not just eek by.

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