Machine.Specifications (MSpec) Plugin

I recently learned that the maintainers of the Machine.Specifications testing framework (known as MSpec) have stopped working on the project. The lead maintainer, Daniel Marbach, stated on his blog that one of the primary reasons that he has walked away is the difficulty with maintaining the Resharper plugin for executing tests (there is also a standalone console runner, but of course many people will only use a testing tool for .Net that can be run from Visual Studio and often that means Resharper).

I think this is really unfortunate, as MSpec is a really great tool used by many people. It's a shame that the large degree of difficulty with maintaining a R# plugin is the main blocker to continued development of the framework. I think it would be great if JetBrains picked up where Daniel left off and continue to maintain the plugin for MSpec. The code is all open source and available on Github so you would not need to start from scratch. It does not need to be shipped in-the-box like the NUnit runner is, as long as a plugin is maintained on the gallery that works with the current version of R# this would go a long way towards helping the framework survive and move forward.

This was the best place I could find to post this request. Does JetBrains have a UserVoice or similar forum for suggesting features for Resharper? I found the YouTrack site but that seems to only be concerned with bug reporting.

Kevin Kuebler

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