Clear Cache Needed Too Often

My team is finding that our Solution Analysis is getting corrupted often and we are forced to clear the cache (and restart VS).  Unfortunately some on the team have given up and simply ignore the solution wide analysis.  This can happen when switching from Debug to Release.  We've also seen it when switching between branches.  

Is there something that we can look into about our solution / setup that may help us?  A couple of things that may contribute: This is a solution of about 50 projects.  A number of the unit test projects are using Fakes - so we also have Fakes projects.  The source code takes up only about 15MB.

I'm sure this is somewhat isolated to us and this solution, because if it weren't there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Resharper community (and there doesn't seem to be).  Small demo solutions do not have the issue.

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