Resharper completes with text that doesn't match what I typed

I don't know if this is a bug or if there's an option to configure it, but Resharper Intellisense is autocompleting with text that doesn't match what I've typed.

For example, I have a class "Site", which is defined in another project, and my current project has a reference to that project, but it is not yet included in the file I'm editing.

When I type "S-i-t-e", Resharper shows me this:

    "Site" (in MyLibrary.Whatever)
    "Site" (in MyLibrary2.Whatever)
    "SiteMap" MyLibrary2.Whatever)

When I type space it erases what I've typed and inserts "SearchIndex", which is a class from the current project.  This obviously wasn't what I intended---it wasn't even close.  I wanted either option #2 or #3.

Is there any way to exclude text that doesn't match from Resharper autocompletion?

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Hmm, I thought I'd solved it by changing "Sort by Relevance" to "Sort Alphabetically", but this only works sometimes.  Half the time it puts the wrong element first and half the time it doesn't.


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