Resharper does not see XAML StaticResources


I'm trying to configure resharper for our project and I have one problem:

We're making project in WPF with multiple projects inside solution. In App.xaml we have defined some resources like:

<SolidColorBrush x:Key="Accent1" Color="#70116C"></SolidColorBrush>

Now, we have problem in using this StaticResource

In project, which contain our App.xaml it's visible, but in all other projects it's not working.

By 'not working' I mean:
- Intellisense not working
- If typed proper value, it's saying "Resource 'Accent1' not found"

When I disable Resharper it's working perfectly (via VS 2015 intellisense)

So I have 2 questions:
- Is there a way to fix it?
- Is there a way to disable resharper for Xaml files and use there VS intellisense?



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