Reinstalling Resharper Ultimate 10.0.2 and StyleCop

I have been plagued by Red Code and broken intellisense since upgrading to VS2015 and Resharper Ultimate.

After reading this blog post "End of Year Round up of ReSharper 10 Extensions, I decided to uninstall Resharper and all Style Cop extensions then upgrade to 10.0.2. The blog post says "We strongly recommend you use the 'StyleCop by JetBrains' extension"

Well I am trying to add that extension but it is not listed, yet my colleague who is running 9.2 R# in VS2015 does see that extension.

Please advise me on what StyleCop extension i should install. Should i go back to 9.2 of R#?



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Have you previously tried to install any StyleCop extension? If so, please try to uninstall and try again - does it show up in the list of available extensions now?

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