Code Aligment and Resharper 10 together in VS 2015



I am currently evaluating Resharper.
I read of people using the extension "Code Aligment" and Resharper together. However I cannot find an option to prevent Reshparper from removing extra spaces in declarations.

Simplest case, this:

[Inject] public InputController       inputController { private get; set; }
[Inject] public ICommandFactory       commandFactory  { private get; set; }
[Inject] public NetworkMachineManager machineManager  { private get; set; }

always becomes this after clean up:

[Inject] public InputController inputController { private get; set; }
[Inject] public ICommandFactory commandFactory { private get; set; }
[Inject] public NetworkMachineManager machineManager { private get; set; }

is there any way to keep the alignment, but not loosing the other formatting features?


Hello Sebastiano

  You may try disabling auto-format here:
  - ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Editor Behavior | "Auto-format on semicolon" and "Auto-format on closing brace" checkboxes.

  However, if you run R# Cleanup Code, it will be re-formatted anyway, since R# does not support such formatting style.



thanks! Is it something you may consider to add in future? It's a shame to disable the auto format features just for this reason. I guess it would be simple to detect the case for you?


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