Custom highlighting and v2.0

As many people probably noticed, NERPA's highlighting often breaks VS. I
don't know if it is my fault, or Resharper, or VS. There are 3 ways to fix
this problem I can see now:
1. Fix it in the way that custom highlighting can be used and it doesn't
break VS. I don't know if it is possible for 2.0
2. Use "warning" highlights in Nerpa which work fine, but one cannot distinguish
between real warnings and suggestions in this case
3. Introduce new highlight in Resharper itself, especially for informational
purposes. Like "Resharper information", which is something like grey wavy
underline by default.

I personally vote for #3 now and for #1 for after release. #3 will simplify
life for many add-in developers (not just my) and it is very easy to implement,
as far as I know.
Next step for #3 would be show informational highlights on error bar (give
option to turn this on/off) and updating top-right indicator to be some other
color if only informational highlights are detected.

What do you think?

Ilya Ryzhenkov

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