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Hi all

Better late than never...

I have collected my set of Resharper 3.1 plugins into a single plugin "Agent
Johnson" in honor of Sergey Zyuzins excellent Agent Smith plugin which I
use a lot.

Agent Johnson features:

Catch exceptions
Quick fix that surrounds a method call with try ... catch clauses. The catch
clauses are generated from the ]]> nodes in the Xml comments of the

Add Xml-doc comments for thrown exception
Highlights throw statements that are not documented in the Xml-doc comments.
Quick fix for adding the thrown exception to Xml-doc comments.

Add uncaught exceptions to Xml-doc comments
Quick fix that adds thrown exceptions to Xml-doc comments.

Favorite Files
Allows you to define a list of favorite files and quickly access them.

Introduce String Constant
Introduce String Constant refactoring.

Replace "" with string.Empty
Highlights "" literals and quick fix to replace it with string.Empty.

Annotate with Value Analysis attributes.

The plugin is open source and can be downloaded from

It is free and it has no harmful intentions, but as always use it for your
own risk.

There is no installer at the moment as I cannot upload it to Google Code
for some security reason, but you can grab the .msi package from the AgentJohnson.Setup/bin


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Hello all,

Finally managed to upload an .msi package to the Downloads section.



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