Processing text files for unit tests


I have a test runner (from the NBehave project) which is capable of processing a text file in order to run a unit test.  What I'd like to do is build a ReSharper plugin which will allow me to run the test through the R# test runner.

I started by implementing IUnitTestProvider but found that my methods weren't getting called.  A JetBrains support engineer told me that this interface is only called for file types supported by ReSharper and directed me here for further help.

Now I don't know much (anything!) about ReSharper plugins and the APIs that they need to call or implement.  So can someone please give me some tips on how to get started - what interfaces do I need to implement in order to build support for my new file type and so be able to run unit tests from them?

John Rayner

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PS.  I'm planning to target R# 5.0.

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Anyone?  Any help at all would be appreciated.



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