Problems with action - shortcuts + disabling

Hi folks. I'm having problems creating a plugin that uses an action. I've defined a shortcut in the actions.xml file. The first time it's loaded up, the shortcut works (I think). It's not wired up on subsequent runs. If I change the action id and re-run, it works for the first time, and then disappears again (at least, I think so, I might be losing track of this...) Anyone know why?

Also, the plugin adds the action as a menu item and handles the IActionHandler.Update method, returning false when there is no solution. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work, and the menu item is always active (but clicking on it doesn't seem to do anything).

Anyone have any ideas what's going wrong?

This is with the 6.1 SDK and the 6.1 RTM runtime version. The code is available on github -


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