ManagedProjectConfiguration.IntermediateDirectory doesn't return expected value


In my plugin I need to get project's current intermediate folder value.
For that I try to use ManagedProjectConfiguration.IntermediateDirectory property but it always return "obj/(Debug/Release)" even if I redirect intermediate directory in build properties.

This is the snippet I use:

ProjectImpl project = ...;

var configuration = project.ActiveConfiguration as ManagedProjectConfiguration;

string intermediateFolder = configuration.IntermediateDirectory.FullPath;

What I am doing wrong?
The same behavior is in R# 6.1 and R# 7.0

Kind Regards,

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So nobody knows what is the problem?
Guys from JetBrains if you are here, could you please answer?

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Hi Ivan. I've just tried your code against a project that has the IntermediateOutputPath property set in the .csproj file, and it works fine - it sees the right value. I did have to manually edit the .csproj file to add this though. Do you have an example csproj file that's not working for you? Here's the snippet I used:

  <PropertyGroup Condition=" '$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Debug|AnyCPU' ">

And I added a similar property in the Release property group.


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