Debug logging in R# 9

The log level LoggingLevel.DEBUG has been removed in R# 9. So what is now the preferred way of logging debugging information (information which is just relevant for an extension developer)?

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Either LoggingLevel.VERBOSE or LoggingLevel.TRACE.

Interpreting exactly what should be output at what log level is always a bit of an art, rather than an exact science. FATAL, ERROR, WARN and INFO are all pretty self-explanatory, and probably most useful for support type messages. VERBOSE and TRACE are less obvious because they're pretty similar to each other. I'd say that VERBOSE is the level to use for normal, simple diagnostic information and TRACE should be used when VERBOSE isn't verbose enough - when you're ouputting TONS of information, or want to dump callstacks for method calls, or for more detailed diagnostic that you wouldn't need for normal debug diagnostics - verbose and "super-verbose".


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